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Belgian Buns

Posted in - Bake & Puddings & Recipes on April 27th 2013 0 Comments

My late father adored these.  I even have a photograph on my dressing table of him eating one.  The thought of adding it to my blog feels a little too much, so please just picture a happy face indulging in something which always made him smile!

I bought one for my children to share after …


Spiced Sultana Demerara Cake

Posted in - Bake & Mrs C.S. Peel's Recipes & Puddings on April 23rd 2013 3 Comments

This is one of my great great grandmother’s recipes, re-invented.  I have kept the same ingredients and changed the quanties, adding demerara sugar for a wonderful finish.

I made it for tea with a lovely lady, Barbara Marriott, the grandmother of a friend, whilst asking her for words of wisdom in the research I am doing for a book …