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The rapid depletion of a large bowl of this on bonfire night lead to its recreation the following day and its hasty addition to this blog.


1 large cucumber
3 tbsp olive oil
3 cloves garlic, crushed finely with a knife and half a teaspoon of salt.
500g low fat greek yoghurt
300ml soured cream (half fat is fine)
Maldon sea salt or other mild salt

1.  Grate the cucumber and add the salt.  Leave it in a colander for half an hour.
2.  Put the olive oil in a bowl and add the garlic.
3.  Whisk it with the yoghurt and soured cream.
4.  Pour water over the cucumber to remove some of the salt and squeeze out the liquid.  Place it in a tea towel and dry it well.
5.  Add it to the yoghurt soured cream mixture.
6.  Season to taste and drizzle some olive oil on top before serving (only use virgin oil if its flavour is subtle).
7.  Serve with tortilla chips, crudites, alongside the chorizo hotpot…. the list goes on.


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