Vanilla Sugar French Toast

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In case anyone has noticed that this is the first post for a while, sorry!  I have been ensconced in school holidays and a new book on Edwardian tea (I will let you know when the first book is out). I anticipate therefore that many recipes in the near future will be more suited to Winter weather, but taking a look outside, here in the UK, we seem to have reverted to cold bluster for a few days, so cake might be just the thing.  Tonight, however, we are smoking wild trout which my husband caught, so if it is good, that recipe will follow.

This morning Mats, my 6 year old has football and Olivia who is 8, had her Saturday morning school reluctance, though any suggestion that she could stay at home was met with, “But I love school more than home!” Daughters? So this totally yummy breakfast set them both up for a busy day.

4 slices of white crusty bread (or whichever kind, but this was light, fluffy and better than a doughnut)
2 free range eggs (the yellow yolk and taste makes them well worth it)
Vanilla sugar (caster sugar, kept in a kilner jar, with vanilla pods – every time I use one, I clean whatever I have used it for off the pod, and add it to the sugar)

1.  Lightly and thoroughly whisk up the eggs with some milk, probably about half a glass.
2.  Put the bread slices in the mixture until all of the liquid had been absorbed, turning them now and then.
3.  Use a sieve to catch the vanilla pods which will have broken up over time while the vanilla has made the sugar vanilla-y and yummy.
4.  Heat a large frying pan with unsalted butter until it sizzles.
5.  Add the bread and fry until golden brown on each side.
6.  Put the French toast on kitchen roll to absorb excess butter.
7.  While still hot, transfer the French toast directly into the bowl of vanilla sugar.  Coat it on each side.
8.  Serve immediately and have a good day. : )


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