Welsh Cakes

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On a cold and crisp day like today when on the school run it took me ten minutes of running the car before I could see out of the windscreen, it is a perfect day for light and crumbly Welsh cakes. Also something your children can easily help you make.


In the words of Granny Dot:

‘1lb of flour, 6oz of butter, 6 oz. of castor sugar, 2 oz. of currants, half a pint of raw cream. Mix the butter and sugar well into the flour, then add currants and cream.  Roll out until half an inch in thickness, cut the cakes with the cover of the flour dredger and bake both sides in a Dutch oven before a clear fire.’
(The Single Handed Cook 1904)

Makes about 16

250 plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
60g unsalted butter
60g lard
80g caster sugar
60g currants
1 egg
30mls milk

1.  Put the dry ingredients in a bowl and add the fats chopped into squares.
2.  With your fingers, as if you are making crumble, mix in the butter and lard.
3.  Add the currants.
4.  Stir in the whipped up egg and the milk.
5.  Sprinkle flour on a surface and roll out the mixture to about 1-2cm thick.  Cut with a pastry cutter, 6cm in diameter or thereabouts.
6.  Heat a pan and melt some lard in it, just a little bit to moisten the surface.
7.  Add the cakes and fry for 2-3 minutes on each side until they are golden brown.  If they are a bit black, they are still delicious, some say more so.
8.  Place them in caster sugar when they are hot.
9.  Now all you have to do is go for a walk in this crisp cold weather, put the kettle on when home, sit back with a cup of tea and a Welsh cake and relax.



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  • Jane Southall - Reply

    November 25, 2013 at 9:56 am

    After a nippy dog walk on Hambledon Hill, with my dear old Staffie, Matz offered me one of these scrumptious Welsh cakes…..delicious …only problem was One was not enough!

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