WW1 Potato Pancakes with Bacon

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I have not been adding recipes for a few weeks due to finalising two books, exciting but stressful –  if anyone wants to know about how to prepare a book for publishing, ask me! The first book has become the second so that Edwardian Tea which contains the fun side of that era’s history with recipes, will be published, most likely, in November, or not long after.

This is one of the recipes from the first book, now the second (I am confused too!)

It is suggested that the following recipe for potato and bacon pancakes may have syrup added to it for a sweet alternative.  I have not found this recipe in Dorothy’s books before the war and so think suggestions were made in order to allow one dish to satisfy both sweet and savoury appetites.  This is very similar to American pancakes with maple syrup.
Here is Granny Dot’s recipe:
Materials.- 1 lb. raw potatoes, 4 oz. bacon, 1 egg, juice of half a lemon, ½ lb. self-raising flour, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Method.- Place the lemon juice in a basin, and grate the potatoes into it.  Add the egg, salt, pepper and a little nutmeg, and when mixed, add the flour.  First fry the bacon, then use the bacon fat to fry the pancakes. This quantity will make about 12 small pancakes. The potato pancake can also be served with sweet syrup, in which case leave out the pepper and nutmeg.  With minced meat, cooked ham or cheese folded inside they make a good breakfast dish.   

Mrs C. S. Peel, The Victory Cookery Book, 1918

225g grated potato
1 tbsp lemon juice
a pinch of salt
Nutmeg (a few shavings)
1 free range or organic egg
110g self raising flour, sifted
12 rashers of Bacon
Butter for frying
Maple Syrup

Makes 6 pancakes – these are filling so one per person is probably enough.

1.  Mix the first 5 ingredients together in a bowl.
2.  Add the flour and mix.
3.  Fry the bacon in a frying pan and when cooked remove on to a warm plate.  Using a biscuit cutter, about 7cm in diameter, put some of the potato mixture into the hot pan, adding butter if necessary.
4.  Remove the pastry cutter leaving the potato pancake in the pan while you fit however many more you have room for alongside.
5.  Cook through over a medium high heat for about five minutes.  Because the potato is raw, it does need cooking. It should be slightly crisp to bite in to.
Serve with the bacon and maple syrup.


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  • Barry & Anne Roxburgh - Reply

    October 1, 2015 at 12:49 am

    Great to get another idea for something to eat. Here in Lanark Ontario we have no shortage of maple syrup and sugar shacks serving French toast etc abound. Looking forward to your first (or is it second…mmm) book. Still miss much of what we could get at good butchers up and down Northumberland when we lived there, especially bacon, but you can’t have good bacon and great lamb and cheap petrol (93c Can or 45p a litre) at the same time! Keep up the good suggestions and we will keep trying to stay in tune with your blog.
    Anne and Barry Roxburgh

    • Victoria Straker - Reply

      October 2, 2015 at 8:16 am

      That’s great you might try a rationing recipe – I don’t know how many will.The second book (now first) has recipes which are all suited to tea time. If I write another (I need a break!) it will have to be calorie free recipes I think!

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