WW1 Rationing Potato Gateau

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I asked my childhood friend Piers Torday for advice on the book I am writing on Granny Dot. Having posted many of her pre and post war recipes which I have adapted slightly where necessary, I had not included in these the rationing recipes but simply added them to the book unadulterated. Piers suggested I include them, tested, in the book.  This is my first.  All of a sudden it has become obvious that of course this is what I should be doing whether the recipe is good or not, because it is most definitely interesting.  So, this is my first. For what it is, it is good and so is unaltered – not a huge amount I could think of doing!  But guess what?  It is …. interesting….


Materials.- 4 oz. dry mashed potato, 1 oz. fat, 1 oz. sugar, 1 gill of milk, 1 beaten egg, flavouring to taste, 1 oz. corn flour or other starch, 1 tablespoonful of jam, some pie crust.
Method.- Line a greased sandwich tin with pie crust.  Mix the potato, fat, sugar, milk, egg, flavouring and corn flour together. Line the crust with the jam and  pour the potato mixture in the centre and spread out level.  Bake in a moderate oven for 20 minutes.
The whole can be covered with paste or with strips of paste in trellis fashion, according to taste.’
(The Victory Cookery Book, 1918, Mrs C.S.Peel)

1lb/453g mashed potato (I made mine using cream, and butter so that it was of dropping consistency)
4 oz/113g cornflour
4 eggs
4oz/113g sugar
2 tsp vanilla essence
Half a pot of jam
Pastry case

I made the pastry from the Vegetable Pie so please follow those instructions – it is the best pastry in the world (I think anyway), inspired by Granny Dot of course, but use whichever pastry you are comfortable with, except if you want to make a savoury pie with the leftovers, the recipe suggested is PERFECT!

1.  Line a pie tin with the pastry.  There will be enough for a pie the size of the vegetable pie as well.
2.  Spread the jam mixture into the pie case.
3.  Combine all of the above ingredients and put them in the case on top of the jam.  Do some lattice covering if you like (this is a cheat’s way, not properly latticed I’m afraid).

4. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes.
5.  Serve with cream or ice-cream.

(You may not like this that much; it certainly differs in texture.  However, you could divide the above ingredients by 4 and make a small tart for interest’s sake, which I should have done!)


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