WW1 Rationing: Savoury Oatmeal Pudding

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Part of my book which is to be published in October 2015 – Bicycles, Bloomers and Rationing Recipes  – this is a bulky dish which fills the gap quickly, so I understand why it is part of a rationing cookery book.  I would not however, recommend it for gastronomic indulgence!


In the words of Granny Dot:

‘Ingredients. – 5oz. flour, 4 oz. medium oatmeal, 3 oz. suet (chopped) or shredded Atora, one tablespoonful chopped parsley, one dessertspoonful mixed herbs, salt, pepper, stock, or vegetable stock, or gravy to moisten it with, about one gill, one tablespoonful baking-powder.  Method. – Mix the flour, oatmeal, suet, parsley, herbs, and seasoning in a basin, moisten with the stock and mix well, put into a well-greased basin, covered with a floured-scalded cloth, and boil two hours, or better still, cover with a greased paper and steam three hours.  It can be eaten cut in slices and put round a stew or hash, or can be eaten without meat served with a good brown sauce.’

140g flour
1 tbsp baking powder
110g medium oatmeal
85g suet
1 tbsp chopped parsley
140mls of gravy or stock

1.  Mix it all together and place in a buttered pudding basin.
2. Take a layer of baking paper and a layer of foil (foil on top) on a flat work surface and fold a pleat into the centre to give room for the pudding to rise a little.
3.  Place this on top of the basin and tie string around the edge tightly to secure it, folding a length of string across the centre and securing it on the opposite side to form a handle for lifting.  Cut around the edges of the foil and paper to form a circle and tuck the foil under the edges of the baking paper to neaten it up.
4.  Now place the pudding in a steamer or in a pan of simmering water for 3 hours.
5.  Serve with gravy.


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